Activechat is a natural language training tool for chatbots and virtual assistants.

Agrolabs is using IIoT and Predictive Analytics to help greenhouse farmers grow more and better.

Agronavti is modernizing agriculture and providing qualitative information to farmers in Georgia.

Arealy is a cloud-based Hospitality Management Solution for Hotels, Hostels & Aparthotels.

B2C.GE is an AI-based e-commerce solution.

Citycom is a platform helping residents to engage with their neighbors.

Corebook is a branding platform to build online brand guidelines.

Extra.ge is a digital marketplace.

Kernel offers simple financial tools for non-financial small business owners.

Kvalifika is an SaaS platform for client and counterparty authentication.

My nanny is an online platform that gives parents easy access to high-quality and convenient childcare on-demand.

PAYZE is a one-stop shop for all e-commerce related online payments in CIS countries.

Simpolium is a revolutionary software for modeling urban areas.

Trice is a teleco single solution to bridge distances and collaborate worldwide between individuals and companies.

YouTravel.me is a marketplace for multi-day small group tours with free independent guides.

CarDeal is an international vehicle auctions marketplace

Cargon is an intelligent on-demand logistics platform

Caru is a car repair outsourcing platform

Echolize is a fully automated influencer marketing platform

Finmap is a financial management tool for SMEs

Intrro is an intelligent employee referral platform

LiveCaller is a multichannel customer engagement software solution

Mandarin Solutions is a multi-cloud service manager

Nextsale is a growth management platform for online shops

Phubber is a fashion shopping marketplace

QuickCash AI (Lightspeed Platform) is AI digital lending infrastructure for assessing business creditworthiness online

Raccoon.World is an online platform for 3x better outcomes in physiotherapy

Stack is a smart browser for productive people

Tripcars is an online marketplace connecting car renters with car owners

WeGoTrip offers self-guided tours and tickets in one app