Program Details

Weeks 1 – 2: Team Formation

Witness the collision of ideas and talent. Share ideas and find synergies of skills. Create high-potential teams. Starting Week 2, get exposure to customer discovery best practices and begin to identify a strategy and process for achieving problem-solution fit through talking with customers.

Topics covered include
+ Understanding Your Customers
+ What is the Job to be Done and Customer Personas

Weeks 3 – 5: Inspiration and Validation

Get comfortable with the practice of validating that a real problem exists, and that you can solve it. These three weeks will enable teams to conduct customer discovery experiments, and to synthesize their findings that inspire new or reinforce hypothesized solutions.

Topics covered include:
+ Asking Good Customer Questions
+ Designing and Running a Customer Experiment
+ Customer Synthesis
+ Solution Ideation

Weeks 6 – 7: Refinement and Optimization

With solutions defined, it’s time to test their reception in the market! During testing, identify the most promising solutions that could become your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and final product.

Topics covered may include:
+ Running Solution and Value Proposition Experiments
+ Types of Experiments and Experiment Design
+ Experiment Prioritization
+ Competition Analysis
+ Making the Most out of Feedback and Testing

Weeks 8 – 11: MVP and Business Plan

Continue to run experiments, with an eye towards the most promising solution that ultimately becomes the MVP you would like to optimize. Create your unique product roadmap. Founding teams will get 1-on-1 mentorship and learn the 500 Playbook on topics which may include:

+ Setting Your Channel, Revenue, and Pricing Approach
+ Identifying the One Metric that Matters for Growth Experiments
+ Developing Your First Product Development Roadmap

Week 12: Crafting an effective presentation

Level up the quality of your startup presentation and showcase to a panel of expert judges and get feedback during the Program Showcase.