500 x KIC
Growth Bootcamp

Meet the 12 graduating startups of the 500 x KIC Growth Bootcamp!

Benedea’s smartphone keyboard allows users to type Chinese characters based on graphic patterns.

BluePrintLab’s technology lets you virtually try on any eyewear from the comfort of your home.

Cardio makes cheat-proof data trackers that can be installed on existing gym equipment.

CBT’s X-ray machine can save 30% of misdiagnosed cancer patients with safer and faster screenings.

Dr.Tail’s app allows pet owners to consult with online vets to get reliable advice and avoid unnecessary consultations.

Dev2Job is a recruitment website matching companies with top IT talent that can’t be found anywhere else.

Exosystems’ wearable device and app allows patients with muscle atrophy to rehabilitate from home.

Fynd is an invitation-only online networking platform connecting companies with pre-screened bilingual talent.

Letsee helps businesses bring virtual content to the real world with AR, without an app.

SAIB & Co. provides carcinogen-free contraceptive and intimate hygiene products for women’s sexual health.

Seawith produces ethical, inexpensive, lab-based and animal-free meat.

FishingTAG’s mobile app allows users to participate in fishing tournaments anywhere in the World, remotely and for free.

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