is a SaaS first B2B growth Platform for SMEs in manufacturing.

aiseed tech offers an autonomous drone platform that helps any size companies adopt advanced drone technology and reliable flight systems.

Aviotron Aerospace’s solution Aerobay provides an experiential learning ecosystem focusing on each and every domains of ‘STEAM’.

Cogia Intelligence offers Media Monitoring Technology as well as AI-based and patented semantic solutions in the field of Big Data Analytics and Customer Satisfaction Management.

Find My Kids app helps you keep your family safe and secure.

iTappit is a tech replacement to paper business cards making business networking environmentally sustainable & value efficient.

Jollylook is a modern, easily recyclable vintage-styled fold-out instant film camera.

Laxis is the next generation of AI meeting assistants that helps everyone benefit from more effective meetings.

LoadExx is India’s first on-demand all-electric cargo vehicle booking platform and aggregator serving primarily B2B first and last-mile logistics using advanced location dynamics and decentralized battery tech.

Particle Space is a fully integrated suite of real estate API services to build meaningful product.

Party.Space is a browser-based metaverse (3d) platform for virtual events

PowerBuy is a Social Commerce as a Service for Brands and Retailers

Rally OurBus offers Bus rideshare service.

SecOps Solution is a risk prioritization & cyber-attack chain identification platform

Senpex is a Last Mile Delivery Platform. is a company that enables Indian E-Commerces globally.

Valinor Earth puts AI (artificial intelligence) into a software suite to track, analyze, and report ESG and CSR activities. We help companies bid on the most economical carbon credit to offset and help get to carbon net-zero.

Viewst bridges the gap between creative and media teams in the digital ad space.

Uni-ke is a fashion-technology label that provides solutions across all verticals in the fashion and apparel industry.