Azerbaijan 500

ASAN Startup Program

Build a dream founder team and bring the next big idea to Azerbaijan

What Is the Azerbaijan 500 ASAN Startup Program?

A virtual program designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan over 21 weeks of world-class programming and mentorship.

This program is designed specifically for innovative Azerbaijani entrepreneurs looking to find fellow co-founders and launch a startup with confidence.

The program will be offered at no cost to founders and will be entirely virtual.

We're Looking for Individuals That:

Are aspiring founders based in Azerbaijan with no/minimal business experience 

May have experience as a sole proprietor but desire to build a scalable business

Seek to provide technology business solutions, spanning across industries

Build a dream founding team

Get to know fellow participants and exchange ideas through the team formation portion of the Program

World-class programming

Develop your customer profile, conduct experiments, and establish product-market fit for your ideas

Coaching and mentorship

Receive tailored coaching and mentorship. Craft a presentation for a curated audience at the Program Showcase

500 Global

Startups’ network

Have the opportunity to gain access to our global network of mentors, startups, and ecosystem partners

Program Details

Phase 0: Startup Fundamentals + Team Formation

A set of introductory talks and activities designed to review business fundamentals and help future founders form dynamic teams.

Phase 1: Startup Booster

An in-depth and practical exploration of more advanced topics in startup entrepreneurship

Phase 2: Customer Development

Practical guidance to develop and test an initial product and business model

Phase 3: MVP Development

Practical guidance to develop minimum viable products (MVPs, akin to a prototype)

Showcase: A virtual event for teams to present their work in front of a live audience

Registration Process
Register for Phase 0:
Registration for the Startup Fundamentals series is open to all eligible individuals who apply! Applications open on February 15th, 2021. The deadline to sign up is March 19th, 2021.
Team Formation:
After the Startup Fundamentals series is complete, 50 eligible participants will be selected to participate in the Team Formation activities.
Phase 1 - 3:
After the Startup Fundamentals + Team Formation segments in Phase 0, teams will be selected based on their performance to participate in the subsequent phases of the program.


Registration Open – Feb 15, 2021

Registration Close – Mar 19, 2021

Program Starts – Mar 29, 2021

Program Ends – Aug 20, 2021