Bootcamp for
Accelerator Managers

Take your ecosystem to the next level with 500 Global. We’re sharing our playbook through this custom online program.

What past participants have said
Sally Ng
CEO & Founder
The Triple Effect Inc.
"500 is the first big accelerator to really open its doors and share best practices in such an in-depth manner, it really shows how much they care about the community. It was incredible to hear first hand from the partners and staff on how they run the organization."
Petrina Seah
Co-Founder, COO
German Entrepreneurship Asia
"What was truly fabulous was the generosity of sharing of 500's learnings and experience in building one of the world's leading accelerators. Thank you 500 for a super week of talks, exercises and workshops."
Sergio Pengel
"As a Caribbean Accelerator, I could not imagine a better program to learn from. What I appreciated the most is the transparency, depth of insight, and their collaboration with other acceleration verticals which exposed us to other programs outside of 500."
What to expect
Since 2010, 500 Global has run more than 27 programs through our HQ in San Francisco. Our goal is to share that knowledge, empowering the next generation of accelerator managers with the confidence they need to run better programs.

Hone your accelerator strategy with hard-won insights from the 500 team

Build a new world-class network of VCs, angels, and other accelerator managers

Make an impact today in your ecosystem with tactics learned in the classroom

Alumni Spotlight

Our past participants share their career paths and program experiences. Hear their stories.

Dianna Tremblay — October 2018
Director of Acceleration, ICA Fund Good Jobs
Read the story
Ashwin Ravichandran — October 2018
Managing Director, MEST Africa
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Meet the Instructors

The course is led by 500 Global managing partners together with other managers and mentors in the 500 Global network who have experience running accelerator programs.

What's your superpower?

Running an accelerator is hard. Trust us, we know.

After running more than 50+ accelerator programs around the world, we’re sharing our playbook so you can learn from our mistakes and successes.

Our goal is to empower the next generation of accelerator managers with the skills they need to run top programs in emerging ecosystems.