Global Launch Singapore

Alphaus: is a leading SaaS provider in the cloud financial management field to simplify and optimize spending on public cloud

Altum Labs: is a SaaS IA platform that predicts quality and characteristics of raw materials, while optimizing the use of machines, providing insights to make strategic production decisions.

Credit Engine: digitalizes debt management and collection service / online loan origination system.

Doinn: is an all-in-one prop-tech operations hub to manage, schedule, dispatch and buy/sell property field services.

Ecobillz: is an AI based document digitalization, management and digital Audits automation platform.

Fluna: is a no-code platform that accelerates software development up to 10X.

inCast Inc: creates and manages influencer marketing strategies on multi-channel social media platforms.

Loosely Coupled Technologies: accelerates Emerging Market businesses using AI & Data Analytics puts digital marketing on autopilot. helps businesses automate operational work to save 30% or more on staff time or cost.

OPTIMO: is a cloud-based POS software, created for MSMEs to manage their sales and inventory with digital tools.

SleekFlow: develops social commerce software that allows business teams to sell and support better on every messaging channel.