PETRONAS FutureTech 2.0 Accelerator Demo Day

Demo Day for PETRONAS FutureTech 2.0 Accelerator

Join the virtual Demo Day!

Join us for the virtual Demo Day for PETRONAS FutureTech 2.0 Accelerator on 22 November 2021!

20 startups will present their solutions to an audience of investors, ecosystem players, media, and more.

Aerodyne Group is a DT3 (Drone Technology, Data Technology, and Digital Transformation) drone-based enterprise solutions provider.

Agridata Portal is a B2B mobile app platform that eases buying and selling of agricultural produce and enables market accessibility to everyone.

Arus Oil is a used cooking oil recycling platform that offers the best purchasing rates and timely collection services for used cooking oil from individuals, households or restaurants via our own logistics team.

BeliGas Malaysia sells cooking gas price and let people pay by donating their used cooking oil.

BoomGrow is an indoor tech farming company on a mission to transform farming by producing 100% clean greens through our patent pending machine farms.

Bumi Data Mining is an end-to-end technology solutions enabler specialising in empowering organisations to cohesively bridge the digital gap and translate data into meaningful and advantageous information. 

eKomoditi is an agritech company that mplements software in palm oil, rubber, and durian plantations to make them operate more efficiently. 

Garuda Robotics is a drone technology company that services the Plantation, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Security, Government and Infrastructure sectors among others by providing real-world drone solutions.

Graffiquo processes photos taken by drones/helicopters and converts them into a Photorealistic 3D Digital Twin. The platform allows layering and tagging information creating valuable geospatial data. 

Ira Noah is a food tech company that focuses on creating alternative plant-based meat from jackfruit.

ITXOTIC is a computer vision technology company that solves real-world problems in adopting AI for enterprise customers.

Kenanga Suria mitigates oil-based discharge using Advanced Phyto Technology.

Krenovator is a tech talent platform that provides a custom tech program to their tech community and connect them with the industry for hiring, rental or project purposes.

Move Robotic is an autonomous mobile robot technology provider

Oil and Brick is established to commercialize and grow business verticals empowered by home-grown technologies.

POSEIDON SOLUTIONS is a Digital Twin Structural Dynamic Monitoring technology used to assess onshore/offshore structural integrity in real-time.

SOPHIC MSC aims to be a global specialist in enabling Smart into Factories & Cities through delivering automation solutions to MNCs & SMEs in South East Asia.

Stafy democratizes HR for SMEs while acting as a gatekeeper for their wages.

Superheat Energy develops IoT devices and platforms for remote areas especially in challenging Malaysia’s tropical climate, while also integrating renewable energy in the process.

XCESS PRESSURE generates electric energy through on and off-grid methods