PETRONAS FutureTech 2.0


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any fees for participating in this programme?

A. No, there are no fees for participating.

Q. What is the language of instruction for the programme?

A. This programme is conducted in English. Participating startups will need to have a strong verbal and written understanding of the English language.

Q. How will the programme take precautions during Covid-19?

A. In order to prioritise the health and safety of our founders and team, the programme will be run entirely online.

Q. Who are the mentors?

A. The mentors are drawn from 500’s global team of industry experts and corporate industry leaders.

Q. How long does the programme last?

A. 12 weeks from 30 August 2021 until 19 November 2021.

Q. When is the application deadline?

A. 27 July 2021.

Q. What startups qualify for this programme?

A. We are looking for Malaysia-based deep tech startups with some traction, and which already have a working product. Startups currently operating or planning to operate in Malaysia are recommended to apply.

Q. How many team members can join a team?

A. In addition to the founders, two additional team members per company will be allowed to participate at any given time. The CEO and founders are expected to participate in all of the programme activities and sessions.

Q. Who evaluates the teams?

A. Applications will be reviewed by a dedicated team from 500. Unfortunately, we may not be able to provide feedback to every team that applies.

Q. Is this an investment programme?

No, this is not an investment programme.

Q. Am I eligible to re-apply if I have been rejected from a 500 programme in the past?

A. Yes absolutely! We always recommend founders to apply even if they haven’t been successful in the past.

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