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Our mission at 500 Global is to build vibrant startup ecosystems around the world and empower underrepresented founders. With more than 2,200 investments under our belt, we’re one of the most active seed-stage VCs in the world and have seen more deals than just about anyone.

Investor Education

In 2015, our team decided to share that knowledge and launched our investor training programs to help up-and-coming investors unlock the secrets of Silicon Valley investing. The goal is to train the next generation of angel investors and aspiring VCs, just as we’ve done with our accelerators for startup founders across the world

Training the next generation of investors

Our Programs
VC Unlocked

In our investor education programs, investors learn the 500 Global playbook from​ ​our partners, screen live startup pitches, debate deals with their peers, and negotiate in hands-on workshops with 500 portfolio companies.

All of our highly competitive VC training programs emphasize real-world experiences and action-based exercises, in order to help current and future investors fine-tune and apply their investment strategies.

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